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The Patan Mahal takes you back to a world that doesn’t exist anywhere else any longer. As you settle into your luxurious room or wander the grounds, time seems to slow down and days seem a lot longer.

It’s easy to be lazy at the Patan Mahal, but the surroundings call out to the explorer in you. The 800-year-old fort on the hill is a strenuous trek, and the ruins of the Badal Mahal palace the perfect place to enjoy a quiet lunch. The farming area of the house is full of surprises for the nature lover.

The step well, or baori, is a uniquely North Indian phenomenon and there’s one close by. Spend some time walking into a well — it’s an experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

The writer and the artist will love the nooks and crannies scattered all over the property where they can hide away for hours on end without fear of discovery.

If you still want to laze around and take a breather from your hectic city schedule, the swimming pool area is the ideal location for you. Spend hours on the deck chairs and let the warmth of the sun soak in or take a refreshing dip in the pool to relax your senses.

You can find Rajasthani men and women busy making bangles or beautiful pots in the village. The temple also adds to the serenity of the existing ambience where one can spend a few spiritual moments on their own.


And if you’d like a taste of a typical Rajasthani village, then step out of the gates of the palace to explore the quaint alleys and roads of the village.

Please Note: Due to the pandemic we are not encouraging village walks, pottery and bangle making.


Large and beautifully decorated air-conditioned rooms 

Attached Bathrooms with bathtubs
Running hot and cold water

Mini Fridge, Tea and Coffee stations 

Trek Up to the Badal Mahal or the Fort on the top

Air-conditioned Dining room 

100% Power back up 

  Internet connectivity
  Table Tennis
  Bangle Making (on request)
  Learn Pottery (on request)
  Swimming Pool 

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